Per Il Karnhoval in Villa.

Milán, 1969. Mimeographed, with printing on both sides, A4 sheets, folded and stapled. 16 unnumbered pages. 14,5x21cm.
Reproduces a Sunday Times cover dated September 1967 which states 'Czech artist in mass plea for help from West'.
Manifest. Karnhoval in villa was a an International festival for Artists held in Rieti (considered the umbilicus italiae or the center of italy) from 13-18 february of 1969. It was directed by Alberto Tessore who, with the help of Adriano Spatola, set up an international comittee composed by Emilio Villa, Wolf Vostell, Julien Blaine , a.o. More than 170 experimental artists came from all over the world. In 2019 the 50th anniversary of this event considered "one of the main avantgarde events in italy in the sixties". was remembered with and exhibition at the l’Archivio di Stato di Rieti.