AVANT GARDE: Zeitschrift fuer Kunst & Kommunikation

Issue (no) 1 (= all published). 1975. Editor: Werner Mathes, Fulda (Germany). DE-LUXE EDITION, ONE OF 3. Illustrated papercovers, 30 x 21 cm, stapled, 44 pp. incl. covers. Printed in black on white and red paperstock. Texts in German and English. This copy is a Special Deluxe Editon limited to 3 (three numbered copies, this no 2/3) only with several signed works by the Japanese Fluxus Artist Yoshio Nakajima (Bauhaus Situationiste). A large handsigned Xerox-Print with several rubberstampings in color is mounted in between two blank pages.
Redaktion: Jürgen Blum (BRD), Klaus Groh (BRD),& Joshio Nakajima (Schweden & Japan. )Contributions by Bernard Amiard, Gunter Guben, Hans Werner Kalkmann, Miroslaw Klivar, J.H. Kocman, Malgorzata Kubiak (Ubbeboda Artists Syposium), Raul Marroquin, Juergen Blum on Situationismus, Concept Art interview with Klaus Groh, Bara Schuz,FLUXUS and Concept art by Ken Friedman, Balint Szombathy, Gabor Toth, Janos Urban, Mike Parr, Yukata Matsuzawa, Marjo Schumans and others. Profusely illustrated with photographs.

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