Heft 0, 1-9 ( from 10 published), including the zero number, thus 10 (out of 11). numbers Dortmund, Düsseldorf, August 1968-1982. Large tabloid-size (the Zero-issue slightly smaller), folded across, printed on newsprint, later issues on heavier (better) paper.

EUR 1,800.00

Copyright: Günther Uecker, Düsseldorf. Redaktion und Mitarbeit: Halina Jaworski, Wolfgang Mally, Peter Moritz Pickshaus, Mario Reis, Yoshio Shirakawa, Eberhard Virnich, Friedrich Götz. With numerous photographs and texts by Uecker a.o., documenting work by Uecker (e.g. no 0: Uecker Giant Nail Sculpture penetrating the front of a shopping-mall, etc.) but also featuring work by other artistshe fancied, after the disbanding of the Zero Group.