SPANNER/ NYC/ New York Spanner

Nos. 1-3 (red, green and blue, all publ.). New York, 1978-1980. 4to; original wrappers.
Published by Aloes Books in association with Collaborative Projects Inc. presented by Dick Miller & Terise Slotkin. Typical for the New York scene, with a mix of film, art and music. Contains contribs. by and work of William Stone, Colen Fitzgibbons, Judy Rifka, Beth B and Scott B, Julia Heyward, Cindy Sherman, Demi, Christy Rupp, A. Miller (introd. to Blue), Robin Winters, Charles Moulton, Marcia Resnick, Tom Otterness, etc.; .A rich collection of underground art of the period that features names like Cindy Sherman, Kiki Smith and Jenny Holzer. -Red Issue: Kathy Acker interprets Mallarme’s “Un Coup de Des” on her own terms, Judy Rifka exhibits her gestural drawings in a four-page spread and Peter Fend explores the notion of art as an evolutionary mediator. Other contributors include Colleen Fitzgibbons, Robin Winters, Judy Rifka, Mitch Corber, and more. -Green Issue: Tom Otterness exhibits two small sculptures named “Work” and “Music”, Kiki Smith shares photography situated before Jackson Pollock works and Cara Pearlman presents two seasonal drawings. Other contributors include Beth B and Scott B, Terise Slotkin, Dick Miller, and more. -Blue Issue: Cindy Sherman shares a number of Untitled Film Stills in a four-page spread, Jenny Holzer and Peter Nadin propose direct action in a brief text and Anne Messner documents her performance art in a series of photographs.

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