Zomermanifestatie Groningen 1977, 22 juli - 21 augustus, Groninger Museum, 1977. File published as a booklet containing 20 postcards showing artists involved in the program ‘16 dagen’: Fitzgibbon & Winters, Vito Acconci, Barbara Bloom, Nan Hoover, Pieter Holstein, Chris Langdon, Paul Sharits, Jack Goldstein, David Salle, Michel Waisvisch, Michael Snow, Yvonne Rainer, Carolee Schneemann, Galerie Magazijn Groningen, Dekker, 3 postcards with supplementary information. Plus programme leaflet Zomermanifestatie Groningen 1978, 20 juli – 2 september. - Programmakrant, 43 x 30 cm, 24 paginas - Some extra info, map, flyer, De Volkskrant text - Poëzie rondom Groningen, envelop with 16 cards - Kwartetspel Groninger Zomermanifestatie 1978, 30 printed cards, 9 x 6 cm - Invitation Corps de Garde/Leendert van Lagestein re program Augustus with installations by Vito Acconci, Maryanne Amacher, Jon Borofsky, Michael Brewster, Jack Goldstein, Dan Graham, David Salle ao, 2 pages A4, loose strip of paper with title added with paperclip.
Extra Dik, Groninger Zomermanifestatie 1979, 24 x 17 cm, 48 pages, plus loose programme leaflet
Extra Fris, Groninger Zomermanifestatie 1980, 20 x 21 cm, 50 pages

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