Edited by Aart van Barnevelt, exclusive stamp art and mail projects magazine. A monthly bulletin about the use of rubberstamps in the arts.Wants to document the use of stamps in the plastic art internationally as broad as possible. Published by Stempelplaats, which was a mail art gallery in the shop of Posthumus
Rubber Stamp Makers in the St. Luciënsteeg in Amsterdam. Produced for small circulation and distribution in the shop. Each with short text about the works of the exhibiting artists, a number of original prints of the stamps the artists used in their work and some reproductions of works. Published by STEMPELPLAATS Amsterdam 1978-1981: complete collection of the Four Volumes of the periodical RUBBER and with ALL (except 4) Printed INVITATIONS to the Openings of the Stempelplaats exhibitions (which accompanied the numbers of Rubber for the individual artists).
In addition the collection contains 32 rare EPHEMERAL items related to Stempelplaats and the Exhibitions which were separate and not covered in Rubber.
The collection contains work by (i.a.): Cozette de Charmoy, Robert Jacks, Barton Lidice Benes, Pawel Petasz, Marie C. Combs, Ulises Carrion, Dik Walraven, Elsa Stansfield/Madelon Hooykaas, Ray di Palma, Ana Banana/Bill Gaglione, Franz Immoos, Davi Det Hompson, Karimbada, Paulo Brusky, Leonard Frank Duch Diter Rot, Bart Boumans,, George Brett/ Henryk Bzdok, Ken Friedmann, R.Saunders, Raul Marroquin, R.D.Schroeck/Eduard Bal,Endre Tot, and several others.

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