Vol. 3 no 3 & Vol. 3 no 4 & Vol. 4 no 2. Cleveland, Renegade press, 1967, 1967/68. Three issues. Original illustrated wrappers; 4to; 34, 31 pp., mimeographed leaves; stapled in spine; cover of the second issue with marginal tape-marks; spine of no 3 (which has an original watercoloured front wrapper) damaged.

EUR 2,500.00

Edited by d.a.levy. Concrete and visual poetry, typewriter poetry Vol. 3 no 3 mimeographed leaves (rectos only), side-stapled and glued into an original watercolored outer wrapper by d.a. levy; 34 unnumbered leaves, plus outer wrapper; The concrete issue, with statements by B.P. Nichol and d.a. levy, followed by contributions by T.L. Kryss, levy, Julian Kallander, David W. Harris, Russell Atkins, B.P. Nichol, Adam Kadmon, "Linda", E.S. Harmon, Bill Bissett, E.R. Baxter, Robert J. Sigmund, D.R. Wagner, and Mara.; Vol. 3 no 4 incl. poetry by T.L. Kryss, Al Bell, S.M. Kane, drawing by Steve Ferguson, silk-screen cover by Kryss; Vol. 4 no 2 contains poems by Don Thomas, BJT, E.R. Baxter, front-cover by Toni Thomas, back-cover by Sandy-Jo Hickel.