Les Carnets de l'Octéor nouvelle série.

Nos. 1-5/6 (all publ.). Paris, 1967-1971; 5 issues, 41 x 28 cm., [12],[18].[24]30,60 pages, fully illustrated. In very fine, near mint condition. Complete with all supplements: Two posters (60x80cm) by Martial Raysse; - Proxima Centauri 29/9/69. Text and illustrations recto/verso. - Oued Laou 1971. Printed in pink (diapositive) on white. (Verso blank) - A pamphlet: On en (a) assez des artes, 1 page 21x30cm, stencilled on yellow paper. - Aubertin, 9 Textes. Paris, Self-published, 1968. Single sheet, 49,9 x 33,2 cm, folded. Newspaper type layout with texts by the artist (in French) including ‘Activité Pyromanique 1965-1968’.

EUR 5,500.00

Rare complete avant-garde art periodical close to concrete art movements, edited by Julien Blaine and Jean Clay, designed by Carlos Cruz-Diez, photographs by Michel Desjardins and André Morain, regular contributors: Christian Duparc, Alain Schifres and others. Continues in a way the 'Carnets de l'Octéor' published in Aix-en-Provence in 1962 (4 issues published). Issues vary in length from 18 - 60 pages. Robho opposes the predominance of american capitalism in the art world, and published much articles on Latin American art. (Soto,Lygia Clark, Arte Madi,Tucumán Arde). Contains an extensive report on the artist manifestations against the MOMA in 1969, and Robho was the first French periodical to pay attention to the Japanese Gutaï movement. The publication gives positive attention to visual and concrete poetry, also linked to various forms of performance art. Contribs. include: Vasarely, Yaacov Agam, Grégoire Muller, F. Morellet, Joel Stein, J.F.Bory, Piero Manzoni, features on Hans Haacke; Kineticism in New York; Concrete artists in Prague; Lohse; Meta-art; Madi & Arden Quin; Yoko Ono, Jan Dibbets, Saburu Murakami, Michio Yoshihara, VantogerlooRévélations, TAKIS; Pénétrables de Soto; Lygia Clark, Man Ray, THEATRE GUERILLA TRACT CINEMA; Mathias Goeritz; Sanejouand; Dossier Argentine, Tucuman brule; Medalla; Aubertin; Guerre au Moma; Quelques aspects de l'art bourgeois:La non-intervention. In the first number is a double-page sample issue included of a project for a new journal MELP, which however never materialised.

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