THE BUDDHIST THIRD CLASS JUNKMAIL ORACLE: Nos. 1-27 (all publ.under this title; #27 also published under the new title: GREAT SWAMP ERIE DADA BOOM). Cleveland/ Ohio, 1967- December 1969. [Also numbered as: Nos. 1-13 (which is also vol. 2 no 1, then the numbering continues from there, becoming vol. 2 nos.2-6 ( of which the last 4 were also named first to fourth last issue after which publication continued with the "last issue" numbering as 5th to 13th last issue, then it stopped definitely).
-SWAMP ERIE "Pipe Dream". Vol. 1 no 1 (all publ.) Cleveland: d. a. levy, 1967.Tabloid , [4] pp. incl. covers, single folded sheet. Offset printed on newsprint. Old horizontal fold and additional creasing, toning, and some short marginal tears alloverl about very good. - Newsprint, tabloids; illustrated throughout in b/w; light sunning on edges, very mild edge wear (a bit heavier for nos. 22-240, and incidentally a little wear over de folds. The newsprint paper taken into account this set is overall in quite good condition and very rare so.

EUR 15,000.00

Very rare absolutely complete set of this journal produced by d. a. levy in Cleveland. All published during his lifetime and edited by d. a. levy himself, then after his deartch continued till no 27. The "Swamp Erie Pipe Dream" is the only issue of this remarkable journal , the predecessor to the Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle. This issue includes much Buddhist content, as well as levy's poem "the bells of the Cherokee Ponies," a much-deserved attack on prosecutor George Moscarino, and more information about the police raid on James Lowell's Asphodel Bookshop. The "Oracle"is profusely illustrated with collage art by d.a.levy and others. Heavily Buddhist influenced, promoting drugs and reporting from the counter-culture underground scene of Cleveland, and also news taken from papers of other cities. His radical collage art, concrete poetry, and publishing always put him in conflict with the powers that be in Cleveland: he was arrested and harassed constantly and died under mysterious circumstances (suicide? murder?) at the age of 26 in 1968 .Publication was continued by his friend, Steve Ferguson, until 24l Mar. 1970. Contribs. include Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, John Sinclair, Russell Atkins, Charles Bukowski, Doug Blazek, Paul Puhle, Michae Lesy (photograph), etc; interview with The Velvet Underground, increasing attention to underground music and bands visiting Cleveland (Syeve Miller, Stone Poneys, Jefferson Airplane, The Who) ; passages from The Tibetan Book of the Dead; typical d.a.levy collages throughout, also in the advertising;Religious Collage North American Jewish Tantra;.In no. 15 a piece by Rudi Dutschke etc.; the last issues numbering started where Jim Ferguson took over; no. 18 being the 'Fourth Last Issue' published after the suicide of D. A. Levy, with his photograph on the front page and the text 'Wanted for the assassination of D.A.Levy'. Very rare complete ongoing set from the beginning. (Vol. 2 nos 5 and 6 also as 'The Barking Rabbit or the Buddhist Oracle", ed. by John Rose.) Note: From Aug 1969 a second section KALEIDOSCOPE was published;we only have that section for the 12th last issue0.

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