Tijdschrift voor Instant-Art Maastricht, Laboratorium voor Instant-Art

Numbers 1-11(=last published, only no 3 in facsimile). Maastricht, 1966-1967. Various formats, ranging from17 x 16 to 25 x 17 cm. Including the very rare No. 7: Provo Konsilie which is a POSTER and No 11: with Wraparound-band: "Vrij Geleide", which is also a POSTER. Added: - Poster: IK BEN EEN VAN JULLIE: 61x46 cm. Printed in red and orange on offwhite paper. - [Poster NON OBJECT KUNST:] Only the lower half of this poster is present, 43x30,5 cm, with text-pages stapled to be torn off for distribution (20,5 x 30 cm), (Still 3 copies left, staples intact). Screenprinted in orange.

EUR 2,500.00

The most artistically illustrated periodical of the Provo period, more or less the representation of Provo in Maastricht by students of the Academy of Art (Jan van Eyck Akademie) there. Very much influenced by flower-power and hippie publications (e.g. British OZ). The publication is based on a discourse held by Provo Roel van Duijn in the beginning of 1966 in Maastricht. Assembled and laid-out in a most interesting and highly innovative way by LUUKSgroep, Ger Brouwers, Hans Mol, Iris de Leeuw, Kees Slager, Kees Graaf. There were 11 issues published, and 3 additional posters. A complete set has not been on the market since many years. No. 1: 16 pages stapled in wrappers, b/w.; No. 2: 16 pages in orange illustrated wrappers; No. 4: Voor voetgangers; No. 5: Luuks Whamm Spees; No. 6 with red apple on silver cover; No. 7 is the rare broadside PROVO KONSILIE Silkscreen (Kees Graaf). Folds out to a poster printed on one side, 69 x 100 cm; No. 8: Over de Dood; No. 9: Slurfje (this issue in 2 parts, as part was trimmed off and added loosely in the issue; this is almost always missing, present here); No. 10: Over Slurfje (Sex Staking voor Vrouwen); No. 11: Voor Jaap en Lia. Vrijgeleide (Unfolding; here with the band intact). June, 1967. Folded with band, folding-out to poster, complete with the small bag that was affixed to the poster, which includes examples of stickers and cards (25 x 65 cm).