Nos. 1 - 7. [All published]. Düsseldorf. Verlaggalerie Leaman. 1975 - 1983. Large 4to. 7 volumes. All contained in original printed plastic ring-binders. All seven annual volumes, edited by Milan Molzer and published by the Verlaggalerie Leaman in Düsseldorf, presenting works by the avant-garde and Fluxus artists represented by the gallery . Each issue consists of photocopies, objects mounted on boards or contained in plastic slipcases, folded and manipulated papers, reproductions, and works in a variety of other media by well- and lesser- known figures. [Gwen Allen - Artists' Magazines. An alternative space for art, p. 290].

EUR 8,500.00

The complete set of these assemblages of visual poetry,original objects, photographs, collages, mixed-media. - Vol. 1: Christian Megert, Milan Mölzer, André Thomkins, Günter Uecker, Ulises Carríon, Reiner Ruthenbeck, Leo Erb, Michael Gibbs. Düsseldorf : Verlaggalerie Leaman, 1975. 46 sheets and an envelope11x22 cm with content intact. -Volume 2: Adolf Luther, Hubertus Gojowcjk, Rolf Bendgens, Arnulf Rainer, Norbert Kricke, Franscisco Pino, George Brecht, Stephen Kukowski & Alan Czarnowski, Geza Perneczky, Vera Röhm. Düsseldorf: Verlaggalerie Leaman, 1976. 46 sheets of varying sizes and materials, plus a plastic bag containing a dried wax-like substance. - Volume 3: Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Helfried Hagenberg, Erwin Heerich,Alexander Schleber, Maurizio Nannucci, Alex Kayser, Daniel Spoerri,Fritz Schwegler, Zak & Kingbee. Düsseldorf: Verlaggalerie Leaman, 1978. 51 sheets and an envelope. - Volume 4: François Morellet, Jean-Pierre Bertrand, herman de vries, Ulrich Erben,Reinhard Omir, Claudio Parmiggiani, Paul van Dijk, Axel Heibel. Düsseldorf : Verlaggalerie Leaman, 1978. 58 sheets. - Volume 5: Boltanski, Voss, Filliou, Armleder, Saito, Monnier, Blank, KuliwieK, Fridfinson. Titelpage Franklin Berger (exact collation hardly possible due to unclear printing of section-titles, but likely complete). Düsseldorf: Verlaggalerie Leaman, 1980. - Volume 6: Nam June Paik, Alison Knowles, Trevor Winkfield, Bob Cobbing, Luciano Ori, Michael Druks,Ian Hamilton Finlay, Bill Griffiths, Gerhard Rühm, Robin Crozier, Endre Tót., Reaktion 6. (No colophon page). Alsbach: Verlaggalerie Leaman, 1981. 56 sheets. - Volume 7: John Furnival, Susan Hiller, Dick Higgins, Steve Wheatley, Rúrí, Gilbert & George, Jean-Luc Vilmouth, Jeff Nuttal, Agnes Denes, Arrigo Lora-Totino. Alsbach: Verlaggalerie Leaman, 1983. 57 sheets.