EXSTRA BLADET / POLITIKEN. Fluxus News Roll. Collected and published by G. Maciunas in 1963. The title Eksta Bladet is a Fluxus pun, being both the name of a Danish newspaper, meaning literally extra leaf. The "newspaper roll" is a montage of articles on Fluxus from diferent newspapers that appeared primarily in European newspapers between Sept. + Nov. 1962. The two-sided work is printed on newsprint, and was used to publicize the movement.
Maciunas had special instruction for wrapping the newsprint roll: (From a letter (Aug. 1963) by Maciunas "... wrap (the Fluxus Preview Roll) in the wide - newsprint roll / Ekstra Bladet / then paste edge on itself, so that when they get it... just read the headline "Politiken", they will think it is just wrapping and cut it.. and they will have the wide roll in 100 pieces, nice ? " This copy comes unpasted in 2 leaves, each 21 x 58.5 cm, printed recto + verso b+w on newsprint. Articles on LEAF 1 from Extra Bladet, Berlingske Tidende, The Telegraph Herald, Stern, Neue Presse, The Courier-Journal, Richmond Times-Dispatch and on LEAF 2 from Politiken, The Stars and Stripes (*), Bild, Mainzer Anzeiger, Wiesbadener Tagblatt, Deutsche Zeitung, Tiroler Tageszeitung, B.T., Der Mittag. Illustrations in b+w of Nam Jun Paik > Zen for Head (**) / Ben Patterson >Sextett for Waterkettles / G. Brecht "Drip Music" performed by D. Higgins / "Hommage à Adriano Olivetti" performed by Emmett Williams and Higgins /Destroyed piano remaining from the groups performance of "Piano activities" Reference > Fluxus Codex page 43 (illustrated) and 102 + 103 (letters to T. Schmit; Silverman # 543; Inventory Cat. Happening & Fluxus Köln #129. (*)-reference for the Stars & Stripes article in Fluxus Dacapo 1992 on p. 60 (illustr.) (**) -reference for "PAIK >Zen for Head" in Fluxus Dacapo 1992 on p. 36 (illustr.). Published most likely in advance of the PARIS EVENT on 9 October 1963 POESIE ET CETERA AMERICAINE". (and distriburted there)? An extremely rare document in very fine condition.

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