World Art Atlas, W.A.A. Mail eArth Project, De Warande Turnhout Belgium, 1983 10 x 16.5 cm, 298 pages, Pocket edition, limited edition of 800 this is number 0109/800.

EUR 500.00

Includes original envelope sent to Bart Boumans Published by Commissariaat-generaal voor de internationale culturele samenwerking, Brussels Catalogue including all contributions (received before 10th may 1982) for the Mail eARTh-project at the Warande in Turnhout Belgium. Some contributors are: Ulises Carrion, Bart Boumans, Guillaume Bijl, Robin Crozier, Ben Vautier, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, Peter Below, Waclaw Ropiecki, Henrik Gajewski, Opal Nations, Dadaland

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