FLUXUS in Paris " Biennale Internationale / Musee d'Art Moderne, Paris. (9 Oct.) 1963 Presented by Emmet Williams + arranged by E. Williams + Daniel Spoerri. Translations by Robert Filliou.
Publication for the THIRD FLUXUS group event. Printed cardstock covers (20,2 x 20,2 cm) w. a typography visualizing "USA" in a sort of simulated die-cut-effect; alternating a negative / positive image on the front and back cover. Stapled, 24 pp. texts (translated into French), word events, scores, compositions, poems by George Brecht (Word Even: Exit - Sortie), Terry Brown, Al Hansen (title: "?"), Dick Higgins ("TAG"), Pat Keene, Alison Knowles (Shuffling Piece), George Maciunas (Adriano Olivetti Piece), Jackson Mac Low (5th Biblical Poem / 3 Stances from 1955), Simone Morris, Benjamin Patterson (Paper Piece), Terry Riley (Ear Piece), Robert Watts ("2 Inches"), Emmett Williams (4-directional Song of Doubt + Blanc), La Monte Young (Piano Pieces # 1, 2, 3 - Poem for tables, benches + chairs). Performers: Marcelle (Filliou), T. Brown, J. + J. Canepa, L. Castro, Jed Curtis, J. Cushing, Erik Dietmann, A. Ehrlenfeldt, R. Filliou, Peter Green, P. Keene, Bob Lederman, Terry Riley, D. Spoerri, E. Williams etc. With a preface / postface by Jean Pierre Wilhelm (of Galerie 22 in Duesseldorf). ==Loosely enclosed is a small sheet of paper w. Terry Riley's score "Ear Piece" printed on it. .
Reference: George Brecht, Events - A Heterospective, Museum Ludwig, 2005 page 314 & Catalog "Happening + Fluxus", Kunstverein Cologne, 1970, unpag. follow chronology (10/10/63 - mistakenly, instead of 09/10/63) + illustr. on opposite page.

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