N.p., Fluxus 1963. 165x10 Cm., Vertical scroll, printed in offset (both recto and verso) on three joined strips of glossy art paper, with text and 7 halftone photographic illus. Rolled as issued.
FLUXUS: Editorial Commitee presided by George Maciunas. ‘Fluxus Preview Review,’ a preview of the ‘Review’ (Anthology) Fluxus, served as a kind of first Fluxus newspaper and propaganda vehicle. It contains a definition of the word FLUXUS, a list of the editorial committee, advertisements for Fluxus Yearboxes and Fluxus products, scores by a number of Fluxus artists and photographs of performances. George Maciunas edited and designed the work. Monte Young, Jackson Mac Low, Dick Higgins, Benjamin Patterson, Jonas Mekas, Daniel Spoerri, Jean Clarence Lambert, Henry Flynt, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Yoko Ono, Heinz-Klaus Metzger, Arthur Køpcke and others