PC PETIT CEINTURE (CITYRAMA 2)) (bus happening). 20 Boulevards in Paris on 3 July, 1962. "autobusplan als partitur". Anouncement, 13 x 24 cm, printed recto, verso blank for mailing and address (this copy has been through te mail, with postmark and address). Ref. and reproduced in Happening&Fluxus Koeln,1970

EUR 800.00

Addressed by Vostell to a friend and postmarked Paris, 1 July, 1962. Printed one side w. bus plan and text in French, English and German. Vostell vous invite mardi le 3 jullet à Paris de vivre un "Happening". Prenez l'autobus n'importe quelle, heures- de la ligne PC…. Allez autour de Paris. Faites attention aux circonstances acoustiques et optiques simultanée, bruits, crism vois, murs d'affiche…etc. / Invites you to a Happening "Take a bus of the PC line on 3 July 1962 and drive around in Paris. Keep a look out for the acustic(al) and the optical impressions. Noise, voices, walls, placards (billboards) torn down - decollage, debris, ruins etc./ ladet Sie ein Dienstag den 3. Juli--etc.

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