"TPL. Tombeau de Pierre Larousse" / "Oreille pour un Tombeau"
With Francois Dufrêne and Alain Jouffroy. Verlag der Kalender, Wuppertal, 1961. White cardcovers with printed dustjacket, 30 x 30 cm. 62 pages. Some wear to edges of dust-jacket and very light rubbing, otherwise a very good copy.
A collaboration between the Nouveau Realiste artist and writer Francois Dufrêne and Wolf Vostell - both leading exponents of decollage. Wolf Vostell, who was not a member of the Nouveau Realist Group, also developed the process, having noticed the word "Decollage" in the news- paper 'Le Figaro' on 6 September 1954, where it was used to describe the simultaneous take-off and crash of an aeroplane. He appropriated the term to signify an aesthetic philosophy, applied also to the creation of live performances, by which the destructive, violent and erotic events of contemporary life were assembled and juxtaposed. [Ref.: Vomm - Wolf Vostell. Die Druckgrafik - pp.20-21]. 23 fullpage silkscreens of Vostell's Decollages in the Streets of Paris etc. in 1956 – 1961, "Oreille pour un Tombeau" (Ohr fuer ein Grab), printed in black, integrated with several pages with concrete poetry by Dufrêne, "TPL. Tombeau de Pierre Larousse", also of Vostell's design. Introduction by Alain Jouffroy. Texts in German + French. Though not stated, the edition was limited to 300 copies. Back fly page with a printed sheet mounted onto (at a later date) which shows an offset-photograph of Vostell painting some loafs of bread w. gold color. The image has been altered by Vostell with a drawing and is dedicated to the artist Franz Mon, handsigned "Wolf V.".

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