AU (ART UNIDENTIFIED) Tokyo, together with BRAINCELL, Osaka.

AU 84 Poster AU [Art Unidentified]. Edited by Shozo Shimamoto., [1-1-10] Koshienguchi, Nishinomiya. Japan. 7 march-19 March1987 One sheet [42 X 60 cm.] illustrated, printed in black, folded 5 times.
Together with;
Internationall Herald Tribune.Wednesday September 10,1986. No. 32,285. With original mailing envelope mailed to AMSTERDAM.

EUR 350.00

Au International Contemporaly Exhibitin 87Tokyo, CA Cavellini. With phototgraphs.
The Intl. Herald; has photographs and articles from NWZ, content by Shimamoto: Shozo Shimamoto 1947-1987, Art Space Les Bois, Osaka.

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