Permanente Realistische Demonstration. Cityrama 1. Galerie Schwarz, Milano invites for an exhibition of found art (destroyed posters, debris in ruins etc.) discovered by Vostell in the streets of Cologne on 15 Sept, 1961. Illustr. wrappers, stapled, 8vo. 12 pp. Text by Alain Jouffroy in German, Italian, French. 18 b+w photos of sites in the city to be looked at (with the exact addresses), plus several other b+w photos.
Vostell's "Exhibition" did NOT take place in the space of Galleria Schwarz, Milano (Italy), as a regular exhibition, but this "Exhibition" was displayed on sites spread over Cologne (Germany). The Gallery published a "guide" for this event and mailed the booklet out as an invitation for a sightseeing of sites in Cologne. Very much in the tradition of the situationistic "Dérive" (= drifting in urban environments) and "détournement" (="mis"-appropriation of pre-existing aesthetic elements). In photographic examples for forms of a "Décollage" Vostell also cites a photo of the war-destroyed city of Cologne in 1945. [ Reference Happening + Fluxus, Koeln, 1970 - # 62; Vostell. Kestner Gesellschaft Hannover, 1977. p. 161. Vostell's 2nd solo catalog / artist's book) in fine condition.