Nos. 1-8/9 (all publ.). Reno/Nev., Aug. 1965 - Dec. 1966. Original wrappers(minimal staining). Together with second series: Camels Coming Newsletter No. 1. May 1972.] Side folded magazine, 8 ¾ by 11 inches. 5 pp. A short magazine devoted to the review and discussion of literature, with this featuring two letters by Charles Bukowski to the editor/publisher, Richard Morris. Morris published Camels Coming as a little magazine in the 1960s, reviving it in a newsletter format in 1972, and focusing mostly on commentary on literature.

Camels Coming was a small literary magazine published in the mid to late 1960's by Richard Morris. Morris who has established himself in the arena of alternative presses and websites is also a poet. He also published Camels Hump coincident with Camels Coming, and started Camels Coming Press. Camels Coming Press published works by Charles Bukowski and Hugh Fox, among others. Later, Morris became the executive director of COSMEP (Committee of Small Magazine Editors and Publishers). Douglas Blazek, Carol Berge, Al Young, Theodore Enslin, Margaret Randall, Richard Krech, T. L. Kryss