Numbers 1-14 (all published, only without No.4). Oconomowoc Lake, Wisc. N.d. (ca. 1968) -1975.
A near complete set of Stooge including the very rare number 5 and the variant issues, (but without no. 4 which was Allen Schiller. One Sheet Phantasy. 7 poems and 7 woodcuts. Hong Kong, 1970, in an editionof 35). .
-No. 1. Fine copy. -Untrimmed in wrappers. Not dated. Contributors of poetry and design: Mary Moe Curly, Kan Weston, R.WV.Brown, Brett Barton, Tim Wardell, S.M. Paulsen,Jan Tucker, Vallejo, Smale, a.o.
- No. 2. Laura Chester, Geoff Young, Philip Whalen, Gene Frumkin, Nathaniel Tarn et al. ncludes the lyrics to three Dylan songs ("Please Mrs. Henry," "Million Dollar Bash," "Too Much of Nothing" and "Country Pie")
- No.3 edited by Geoffrey Young and Laura Chester (Albuquerque): Stooge, (1969), with several Bukowski contributions - No. 4 (missing)
- No. 5. First edition.Young, Geoffrey and Laura Chester (editors) (np) [c. 1970].,First edition. Scarce fifth issue of Young and Chester's innovative small press poetry magazine. Description> Original white pictorial cardboard folders (“from a pre-fabricated box top…notched folds”), front with yellow pictorial art image, rear with brown image of a large “5”, various shaped inside folds over pictorial black & white photographic inside covers (looks like alphabet soup with numbers), 35 x 31 cm) – containing: 22 pictorial broadsides by various authors on various sized sheets, various paper (one being stamped on yellow napkin / one is an original frottage), mostly silkscreen. Loose (as issued) and laid inside are also 5 small printed cards with words in French + English. Portfolio is signed by the cover-designer Allen Schiller (founder of Stooge). One from an unknown number of copies.
- No. 6. present in all 3 versions: Beige, Red and Blue.
- No. 7. May 1972. 76 pages + illustrated wrappers: the two versions both present: Cow and Cal versionf & Bull version.
-No. 8. March 1973. Guest Editor: James Holmstrand. ("If all the people in Xchina jumped simultaneously from six foot platforms, the world would be destroyed". )
-No. 9 With a William Wegman photo on front cover. Work by :David Benedetti, Michael Brownstein, Marie Harris, Anselm Hollo, Russell Edson, Clayton Eshleman, Margaret Atwood, Jacques Dupin ( Pau Auster), Max Douglas, James Bertolino, Joe Brainard, Chuck Lee Lenward Elmslie, Laura Chester, Geoffrey Young
- No. 10 . Guy Williams: Poems for Painters. 1974.
- No. 11. Poems and Prose. Cover by John Baldessari. Stooge, Oconomowoc Lake, Wisc. N.d. (ca. 1972). Tog. 102 stencilled pages in illustrated wrappers (very light soilage to back wrapper)
- No. 12 Geoffrey Young and John Bennett. In XX Arrondissements. 4to; unnumbered pages; Poems by Yound, photographs by Bennett. Orig.pictorial wraps.
- No. 13. Spring 1975. Editors Geoffrey Young & Laura Chester. Outside cover: Richard Allebn Morris; Inside cover John Baldessari.
- No. 14. Howard McCord. The Aectic Desert. Stooge Editions, 1975.

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