Numbers 1-14 (all published, only without No.4). Oconomowoc Lake, Wisc. N.d. (ca. 1968) -1975.

EUR 4,000.00

A near complete set of Stooge including the very rare number 5 and the variant issues, (but without no. 4 which was Allen Schiller. One Sheet Phantasy. 7 poems and 7 woodcuts. Hong Kong, 1970, in an editionof 35). . -No. 1. Fine copy. -Untrimmed in wrappers. Not dated. Contributors of poetry and design: Mary Moe Curly, Kan Weston, R.WV.Brown, Brett Barton, Tim Wardell, S.M. Paulsen,Jan Tucker, Vallejo, Smale, a.o. - No. 2. Laura Chester, Geoff Young, Philip Whalen, Gene Frumkin, Nathaniel Tarn et al - No.3 edited by Geoffrey Young and Laura Chester (Albuquerque): Stooge, (1969), with several Bukowski contributions - No. 4 (missing) - No. 5. First edition.Young, Geoffrey and Laura Chester (editors) (np) [c. 1970].,First edition. Scarce fifth issue of Young and Chester's innovative small press poetry magazine. Description> Original white pictorial cardboard folders (“from a pre-fabricated box top…notched folds”), front with yellow pictorial art image, rear with brown image of a large “5”, various shaped inside folds over pictorial black & white photographic inside covers (looks like alphabet soup with numbers), 35 x 31 cm) – containing: 22 pictorial broadsides by various authors on various sized sheets, various paper (one being stamped on yellow napkin / one is an original frottage), mostly silkscreen. Loose (as issued) and laid inside are also 5 small printed cards with words in French + English. Portfolio is signed by the cover-designer Allen Schiller (founder of Stooge). One from an unknown number of copies. - No. 6. present in all 3 versions: Beige, Red and Blue. - No. 7. May 1972. 76 pages + illustrated wrappers: the two versions both present: Cow and Cal versionf & Bull version. -No. 8. March 1973. Guest Editor: James Holmstrand. ("If all the people in Xchina jumped simultaneously from six foot platforms, the world would be destroyed". ) -No. 9 With a William Wegman photo on front cover. Work by :David Benedetti, Michael Brownstein, Marie Harris, Anselm Hollo, Russell Edson, Clayton Eshleman, Margaret Atwood, Jacques Dupin ( Pau Auster), Max Douglas, James Bertolino, Joe Brainard, Chuck Lee Lenward Elmslie, Laura Chester, Geoffrey Young - No. 10 . Guy Williams: Poems for Painters. 1974. - No. 11. Poems and Prose. Cover by John Baldessari. Stooge, Oconomowoc Lake, Wisc. N.d. (ca. 1972). Tog. 102 stencilled pages in illustrated wrappers (very light soilage to back wrapper) - No. 12 Geoffrey Young and John Bennett. In XX Arrondissements. 4to; unnumbered pages; Poems by Yound, photographs by Bennett. Orig.pictorial wraps. - No. 13. Spring 1975. Editors Geoffrey Young & Laura Chester. Outside cover: Richard Allebn Morris; Inside cover John Baldessari. - No. 14. Howard McCord. The Aectic Desert. Stooge Editions, 1975.