DE APPEL (Stichting De Appel)


Various, items related to the De Appel - -Barbara Bloom, memorial edition Present/ Absent, 1993 :Price: 800 Aluminum tag ( 6,7 x 4,5 cm) with on one side the inscription ‘present’ and on the other side ‘absent’. Printed card with memorial text, description of the work in the original envelope in which it was send. (to Lidewij Reckman - Body Art and Performance in de Appel, Price: Euro 100 Published by Amsterdamse Kunstraad 1978, Walter Barten, Peter Brunsmann, Antje von Graevenitz, Frans Haks, Rob Huisman, Rob van Tour, design Bart Boumans, 116 pp

Barbara Bloom commemorated the founder and director of de Appel, Wies Smals, who died in an accident in a private plane in 1983. Saskia Bos, the director who succeeded Wies Smals, invited Barbara Bloom in 1993 to make this memorial piece for Wies Smals and the other passengers. Bloom found this tag in an airport for private planes. The pilots used it to indicate whether they were