NEWS. (N.E.W.S.)

(Uitg. De Harmonie, Amsterdam).

No. 1-6. (Amst., De Harmonie), 1976, 6 parts, all in loose lvs. as issued, num. (photogr.) ills., printed in 200 (numb.) copies, A4. (Nos. 1-4 unnumbered, Nos. 5 & 6 numbered, all publ.). Loose-leaves, in the original manilla envelopes. Envelopes and contents fine. = With the orig. introductory/ subscription letter.

EUR 2,000.00

Periodical/ Newsletter initiated by. JEROEN HENNEMAN, PIETER HOLSTEIN, MARKUS RAETZ, JOOST ROELOFSZ and DIRK AYELT KOOIMAN. With collaboration of Marthe Röling.. Publication supported by Markus Raetz. Leaves printed offste in black & white, with ills., drawings, literary contribs., photographs, etc.these artists. Photographs and works by Dirk Ayelt Kooiman,Jaap de Graaf, Waldo Dettling, Cor van Weele,