The Black Mountain [College] Review. Vol. 1 No. 1. (all published). June 1951. Black Mountain, North Carolina: Black Mountain College, 1951. 21x15 cm.; original beige wrappers with black lettering. Small splashes on front wrapper and some light staining on back wrapper; The only issue published of this first incarnation of the Black Mountain Review, which would resume publication some three years later with a different issue, again numbered Vol. 1, No. 1 Continued as: The Black Mountain Review. Nos. 1-7 (all publ.). Edited by Robert Creeley at Black Mountain College, Spring 1954- Autumn 1957. Palma de Mallorca, Spain and Black Mountai, N.Carolina.. Quarto and octavo. Printed decorated wrappers. Some light dust soiling, a few faint splashmarks to a frontwrapper (1 no4), and backwrapper (1 no 3), old price sticker in corner of No.6 and small handwritten price on front.
Complete collection of first appearance and continuation: a) 1951: First and only appearance of this seminal periodical of the famous Black Mountain College, which was revived in 1954 under the editorship of Robert Creeley. Edited by M.C. Richards, with Foreword by him, and contributions by Fielding Dawson, Russell Edson, Joel Oppenheimer among others; art work (Linoleum cut) by H. Roco; text decoration by S. Vanderbeek. Exceedingly rare number in good condition, in stapled wrappers, a few small stray mild coffee stains to rear cover b) 1951-1957. The complete set of this landmark magazine for the avant-garde of the '50s at Black Mountain College, publishing the work of teachers, students and friends. With contributions by Robert Creeley (publisher of Divers Press in Palma de Mallorca), Charles Olson (who was the College Rector), Kennethe Rexroth, Paul Blackburn, Robert Duncan, Dahlberg, Zukofsky, Layton, Levertov, Bronk, Eigner, Artaud, and many others Illustrated with works by Franz Kline, René Laubiés, and others. The final issue was devoted to Beat authors and contains work by Kerouac, Ginsberg, Snyder, Whalen, and published a pre-publication excerpt from "Willam Lee's" Naked Lunch (Burroughs) Covers of nos. 1-4 by Katsué Kitasono. No. 1 with 9 reproductions by René Laubiès; No. 2 with 8 reproductions of Mayan heads (to an article by Olson); No. 3 with 8 photographs by Peter Mitchum; No. 4 with 8 reproductions of Franz Kline; No. 5 Cover by John Altoon and 8 photographs by Aaron Siskind; No. 6 Cover by Dan Rice, reproductions of Jess Collins; No. 7 Cover by Edward Cirbett, 8 photographs by William Russell

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