Nos. 1-24 (all publ) 1978-2003 COMPLETE SET with "A Bar a Day" calender additional to 15/16. Plus: Side publications 1972-2005: -4 Taxis Perpendiculaire n°1 & 2 (février 1982 et juillet 1983). -4 Taxis hors série : 3 volumes (Hiver 1983, octobre 1990, septembre 2004). -4 Taxis circulaire : n°1 à 5 (octobre 1982 à mars 1986). - 2 affiches (Neon de Suro,of 100 copies; Caves de Lascaux,of 80 copies) - ;Double-issue "Elvis vous parle",KingSize,Miami Sète 2001. Various formats and productions; illustrated covers; the first 5 issues (4to sized) with a spectacular design trimmed in the form of a traveller carrying a suitcase.

EUR 9,000.00

Founded by Michel Aphesbero and Danielle Colomine. The pedagogical and artistic experience of the Studio "Pensée Nomade" or " Nomadic Workshop of the Bordeaux School of Fine Art" in France. It looked for ways to reinvent and rethink the modalities and practicalities, and artistic practice itself, from the mixed legacy of counter-culture, Situationist International, French Theory, Martin Kippenberger, Walter Benjamin a.o.…" A teaching experiment where students dwelled in travel and picked knowledge on the side of the road rather than in classrooms. "Artistic education has to provide new conditions to think differently and to jettison accumulated traditions and inherited categories". The "Nomadic Workshop" travelled to different cities to live for a short period of time and an issue of the magazine was published as a result: 1980 : Berlin, 1981 : Barcelone, 1983 : Los Angeles, 1986 : Madrid, 1987 : São Paulo, 1991-92 : Séville. "Toutes ces villes où nous avons vécu posent les bases d'une construction mentale qui échappe à la seule forme d'une revue..." Special issues about: The Caves of Lascaux relocated to Col du Perthus, the space "Proun" with re-edition of /Lissitzky squares by Galerie du Triangle,Oct.1990, in Bordeaux, Art Rite in NY, redesign of Bordeaux-wine label by Warhol, Madrid des années 30; Biennale de Sao Paolo, a serigraphy if a a carton gun, a calender with addresses of 365 bars, no. 21/24 is a photobook (19,5x13 cm), 598 photographs of drug addicts and polsice pictures related to drugs; an issue combined with LAICA Journal, Participation of Christian Boltanski, Annette Messager, Martin Kippenberger, Chris Burden, Ed Ruscha, Daniel Busto, Klaus Krüger (Record in 2), Rhonas Wahweger, On Kawara, Pablo Echaurren, Laurie Anderson, Vito Acconci, Bob Wilson (in the Newsletters) and others. We offer the complete collection of this exclusive rare art journal.:. Ref. Gwen Allen in the book « Artists’ Magazines » The Mit Press 2011.

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