Numbers 1-275 (all published), with 15 Special issues( Sonderhefte ) and the final »abschließendes« Heft 276. Berlin, Verlag Neues Leben 1967–1990, and Assenheim, Brennglas 1991. Each with a coloured cover. A set with all specials and two changed new editions Heft 1 (Bert Brecht) and 32 (Karl Marx) and the final/ (abschließende) Heft 276 by Bernd Jentzsch, founder and longstanding editor, signed by him. The Bukowski-number, Heft 225 signed by the illustrator Volker Pfüller.

EUR 3,500.00

A rare complete collection. The poetry album was a volume of poetry published monthly in the GDR from 1967 to 1990. Founded by Bernd Jentzsch (who had to discontinue because he had protested the "Ausbürgerung" of Wolf Biermann) and then continued by Richard Pietraß from 1977 to 1979 , was published monthly between 1967 and 1990 by Neues Leben Berlin. International poets and young poets from the GDR were presented on 32 pages each. The spectrum ranged from Ovid , Hồ Chí Minh , Edgar Allan Poe and Alexander Puschkin to Bertolt Brecht , Erich Kästner , Stephan Hermlin and Bob Dylan. In addition to a total of 275 regular issues 15 special issues were published. However the last one( for August von Platen from August 1990, in which the then editor Dorothea Oehme announced the end of the series for economic reasons) was no longer delivered. A few copies were saved from a Leipzig landfill where the edition had been dumped. After the fall of the Wall, a booklet was published by BrennGlas-Verlag Assenheim on the initiative of the founder . There were a few restarts. Detailed list of included authors on request.

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