CUDDON'S (Cosmopolitan review)

An occasional anarchist journal.

No. 10. Aug 1966. London. 28 pages + wrappers,spine stapled. Typewritten trwest and illustrations/b/w.
"We dedicate this issue to Barry Bondhus who emptied buckets of human shit into the files of the Sherboerne County Draftboard at Elk River,Minnesota". Edited by Ted Kavanagh; illustrations by Anna Blume. Contents: June in Amsterdam (by Kavanagh, on the PROVOS; Decline and Fall of the Saopwectaculard Commosity Ecomony (From Situationist Internat.) ;Contributions by Jeff Nuttall; Arthur Moyse; Alnert Meltzer; M.J.Walsh. Last page carries an advertisement for HEATWAVE.