DO-IT ! (d.a.levy)

(Vol. 1) Numbers 1 & 2 (of 4 published). -Number 1 (of 4 published). Omaha: Do-It!, [1966]. Quarto (28cm); variously-colored sheets, mimeographed on rectos only and side-stapled; [17pp]; illus. Faint stamp of New Mexico State University library to front wrapper, with some light wear and creasing to extremities. -Vol. 1 Number 2. Viet Nam Workbook. August 15, 1966. 32 unnumbered pages printed recto, on blue and white paper. ,stapled in the spine, together with 3 sheets from "Conscience over Country" (Call for an Examination of Conscience).

EUR 1,300.00

First two issues (of 4) of this mimeographed poetry magazine, published alternately in Omaha, NE and Cleveland, OH between 1966-67. Edited by Matthew Shulman. Number 1 with a poem "The Ballad of no Berets" and cover art by d.a. levy, and contributions by Allen Ginsberg, John Giorno, Hugh Grayson, Randy Rhody, Clarence Major, and Freda Norton,and others.publisher: 7 Flowers Press. As stated on the page with the levy poem (page16) there were two simultaneous printings, one by d.a. levy in Cleveland with a limitation of 150 and another by Matt Shulman in Omaha with a limitation of 1,000 (which is probably not true). (Taylor/Horvath page 121 for the Ballad). Number 2: With a Mantra, written by d.a. l evy. To protect one from the viet cong (North and South) with a subtitle "Recite at the 3rd and 78th hour of the day" and "a non of viet nam gothic for the alamo, poem by d.a. Levy. Printed by Do-It Press,Cardinal Press,Omaha/Nebr. By the grace of Mr. L. Turner. Contributions by Matt Shulman, J.T.Hartmann, Paul Marish, Robert Lowry, Clarence Major, a poem by d.a.levy (65) a non of viet nam gothic for the alamo

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