A two-sided mimeographed flyer,sheet of white paper, quarto, from the Resurgence Youth Movement, a small anarchist group operating in the Lower East Side during the 1960s. Rare.
Edited by Jonathan LEAKE, World Revolution of Youth [New York], Resurgence Youth Movement, [196-] The text links the Resurgence Youth Movement with Dutch Provo movement, and encourages “drop-outs, outlaws, rebels, LSD beatniks, motorcycle heads, saints, goblins, punk, drunks, dope-head, angels, devils and wild men” to unite and join the movement that hates “cops, courts, jail, taxes, boss-men, law-men, politicians, the Army, anyone or anything that wants to use us and make us their slaves.” Leake was a Maoist/Anarchist in New York and part of the Lyndon LaRouche movement. It seems he later moved to France.

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