THE FANATIC (Design Willem de Ridder)

--(No.1). The special cosmological issue from Bath. For the Restoration of Language Prophesy, "Un autre monde". 12 pages, 21,4x31 cm; printed in black on white paper, with red added. -- Scarce. No. 2: Special Low Mindedness Issue. Amsterdam, 1976. Tabloid format, 12 pp. (including covers). A very good copy with some minor foxing to extremities of cover, and slight fading along spine. Scarce.

EUR 800.00

The New Jerusalem; Tea at the Vatican; Toward cosmogenic sanity: The demolition of Darwin, Religeous Fanaticism from Bath. The second issue of this underground magazine under the editorship of William Levy a.ka. the Talmudic Wizard of Amsterdam (and author of The Virgin Sperm Dancer). The issue features the impressive design work of Willem de Ridder as well as Levy's humorous and controversial article on Ian Sommerville's sex habits.