(--First) Pricelist. Amsterdam, ±1965, 4 leaves stencilled pricelist, original light blue wrapper., 4to. Red stamp on first leaf (right upper corner): "our european flux shop". Central vertical fold; closed tear of ab 2 cm and small tears in outer margin
--- Second Pricelist (no date) of the European Mail-Orderhouse. 6 stencilled sheets, printed recto on thick grey paper, 27x15,8 cm; loosely inserted in beige kraft portfolio; together with a loose brown information sheet, which is often missing. Design: Willem de Ridder
= The European Mail-Order House was founded in the early sixties by Willem de Ridder "for organizing of concerts, radio and television programmes, fashion-shows, street-events, fancy-fairs, performances, lectures, exhibitions, etc. etc. in all European cities; for all magazines, publications, books, anthologies, boxes, objects, tapes, films, clothing, catalogues, kits, bags, scores, essays etc.; for the monthly newspaper cc VTRE edited and printed by the Fluxus editorial council, New York" (first leaf). Cf. Fluxus Codex p.231ff.
The Flux-shop was reconstructed again with help of this photograph at the MOMA New York after the acquisition of the material in the collection of Gilbert and Lila Silverman. In the middle of the publications abd cartons a photo-cut-out of Dorothea Meijer. (Fluxus Codex p.18,168,233.)

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