LOVE (Edited: Willem de Ridder)

Edited and published by Willem de Ridder. Curious erotic/pornographic periodical containing only contributions by its readers. Editorial addresses in both Amsterdam and Beverly Hills California. Printed in colour and b/w on newsprint paper. Subtitled 'Adults only, a treasury of Filth. America's First Reader Written Rag'. Included are: - LOVE. No. 2, Britain's First Readerwritten Magazine, Adults Only, undated (1976). 28 x 18 cm, 66 pp. - LOVE. No. 3, 1977. 27 x 17.5 cm, 60 pp. - LOVE No. 25. 28 x 21 cm, 64 pp. - Added is FINGER No. 6, undated. Edited by Willem de Ridder, published by Fuck On Publishing, Beverly Hills California . - Also added a publicity pamphlet for Suck, First European sexpaper, 1969. Edited and published by Willem de Ridder. 13 x 10 cm, colour printed on white sheet. Rare magazines in used but fine state.

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