A Fanzine of Stars of the Super World.

Masterprint. Jill Johnston Exposed: special issue. A life dominated by Strange Arts, Consuming Desires, and Ego-Eroticism... Size (h/w): 57,5 x 44,5 cm. 28 pages lithographed by aluminum plates, rainbow rolled in over 150 colors, printed on heavy stock, cardboard cover, sheets held together with Chicago screws. Each page can be removed for framing. First and last page signed by Les Levine. (The original cardboard cover is slightly soiled, but otherwise in good shape with the screws intact). All of the Interior in excellent condition, thus a fine set.
This special issue of the magazine Culture Hero is a unique portfolio of fine art prints, widely acclaimed upon publication ("An invaluable supplement to any collection of great art" Stanly Dance, Saturday Review; "A vividly human documentary." Leonard Feather, Los Angeles Times; "Encyclopedic in scope." Arnold Shaw, NY Times Book Review; "Shatters the senses of the prude." Paris Figaro; "My favorite art book." Walter Kerr, NY Times; "A winner. Original and imaginative!" The New Yorker; "A trip - young and beautiful!" William A. Raidy, Newhouse Newspapers; etc. Very rare now. Includes interview,articles etc. by Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Meredith Monk, Lucas Samaras, etc.

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