Periodico alternativo di musica rock.

Issues no. 0, and 1 - 4 (all publ.). Milano, 1972. Alltogether 5 issues. Pictorial original wrappers as issued,the first numbers in the form of a JOINT-cigarette. Fully illustrated in many colours. (49 x 17 cm.), all issues, also the zero number, in exceptional good to fine condition.

EUR 4,000.00

Published by Casa Editrice Lo Spinello. Editing: Ines Curatolo and Barnaba Fornasetti. Editor: Marcello Baraghini. Dedicated to rock'n'roll and underground culture. Issues no. 0 and 1 in the shape of a "joint". Remarkable different lay-outs, photo-montages for each issue printed in colours. Contribs.: B. Fornasetti, G. Cerquetti, L. Vassallo... Comics by R. Crumb, R. Hayes, Dave Sheridan, Gotlib... Interviews and articles on Zappa, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, MC5, John Mc Laughlin, Neil Young, Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull, Rory Gallagher, Bob Dylan, Greateful Dead, Alice Cooper, a.o... Some of the contents: issue no.0 contains texts from S.I.M.A. (Servizi Istituto Mass-media Art) inviting to use drugs and calling for legalization; issue no. 1 contains an article on "Erotismo e rock"; issue no. 2 contains an interview with Allen Ginsberg; issue no. 3 an interview with William Burroughs; issue no. 4 contains a large interview with Pete Townshend on purple stock folding-in.

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