Group of three out of 5 issues: Vol. 1 No. 2. Tulsa, 1959, (signed by Padget on inside cover), together with: Vol. 1 No. 3. Tulsa, 1959 , together with: Vol. 1 No. 5. Summer Issue. 1960 (Vol. 2) Tulsa. (Final issue .): 8vo. All in near fine condition.(No. 2 and No. 3 fine; No 5 very lightly rubbed and papertoning).
Edited by Ron Padgett and Joe Brainard. Issues of 16 pp. each + ills. wrps. Three (out of 5 published) issues of one of the most significant little magazines of the period. The White Dove Review was published by high-school students. Poetry and other work by Jack Kerouac, Paul Blackburn, Simon Perchik, Clarence Major, Ron Loewinshon, Leroi Jones, Ginsberg, Melzer, Orlovsky , Ted Berrigan, David Omer Bearden, Richard Dokey, Richard Gallup, Carl Larsen, C. Cleburne Culin, Leroi Jones, Dan Teis, Gilbert Sorrentino, Martin Edward Cochran, Robert Creeley (here spelled Creely), and Ron Padgett. Drawings by William A.King, Nyla Joe, John Kennedy, Paul England, Johnny Arthur Cover Michaek Marsh (No.2) Cover John Kennedy (No.3) Cover (No.5) and some illustrations by Brainard. One of the earliest appearances of Ted Berrigan in print. "Editorially the predecessor to all the second generation New York School little magazines" (Clay&Phillips 159)

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