A literary magazine devoted to imaginative writing, presenting Fable, Fantasy, Prose, Poetry).

Nos. 1-11 (all publ.). Lowstoft, Suffolk, Summer 1948 - n.d. (ca.1954). Original pictorial wrappers, some lightly dustsoiled but as a set in good condition. (No. 4 front wrapper stained, No. 5 folded and library stamp on front cover). Rare complete. (Miller/Price, B,49)

EUR 800.00

Edited by Antony Borrow and R.P. Dodds,later with Madge Hales. French correspondent Jean Paris. . The first 4 issues and issue no. 6 were hand printed; covers designed by Michael Strauss and A. Phelps (2x); contributions by J. Kirkup, J. M. Calder, H. Treece, A.S. Thwaite, T. Blackburn, Berginzi, H. Pinto, B. Kops, D. Stanford, G. Komai, R.L. Cook, I. Colquhoun, Henri Michaux, Henri Pinta(i.e.Pinter) a.o.

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