Soft art Press. Lausanne, Galerie Soft Press, 1975- 1979. 14 issues out of 18 all published. 29.5 x 21 cm (folded sheets). Rare. I

EUR 1,500.00

Edited by Noémi Maidan, with Max Bucher from No.12 onwards. A quarterly mail art magazine from Switzerland that reproduces postcards, rubber stamps, mail art notices and announcements of small press releases worldwide. Contains artists’ contributions in the form of offset, silkscreen and rubber stamps.
Included are: - No.2 June-July 1975, 8 pp. Featured artists Sylvia and Hernan Sanchez, Max Bucher, group exhibition ‘la vache dans l’art’, Flipper show.
- No.4 January 1976, 8 pp. Featured are Urs Banninger, Ecart Galerie, Women in Art, advertisement to order rubberstamps produced by Galerie Soft Art.
- No.5 April 1976, 10 pp. Insert on pink paper by René Aeberhard, Exhibition announcement collobaration of three women from California and 3 Swiss artists, advertisement for Art Diary on back cover .
- No.6 July 1976, 12 pp. Front cover William Thomas. Featured artists Untel. Items on Video Manifestation during Second Biennial of Swiss art (text in English), La Mamelle Arts Center San Francisco. Various advertisements including Agora Studio Maastricht, Ecart publications Geneva, Intermedia journal.
- No.9 May 1977, 10 pp. Cover by René Aeberhard. Backcover by Jorg Glusberg (director of the Centro de Arte y Comunicación CAyC Buenos Aires) titled ‘roads of buenos aires, photographed at a distance of one meter’. Contribution by H.R. Ambuaen (in colour), Debra Rapoport (in English). Announcement for a mail art show by Librije Zwolle, Broodthaers at Malacorda Geneva, advertisements for Egozine and AQ16.
- No.10 July 1977, 12 pp. Title has added caption ‘someday it could be a collector’s item’. Cover with image of a Joseph Beuys installation at Art Basel 1977. Announcements include Freedom Research Center Japan, New Reform Belgium, R. Mutt galleries and Banana Productions USA.
- No.11 October 1977, 16 pp. Special Japan issue. Printed multi coloured on white. Contributions by Chizuko Komishi, Tatsuo Yamamoto, Ju Imanishi, S. Shimamoto,Keigo Yamamoto and others. Includes a list of small press publications, editorial in Japanese and French.
- No.12 January 1978, 14 pp. Cover features Natalia LL. Special inserts W.G. Cassel, Ruedi Schill, Monique Bailly-Roulin.
- No. 13 April 1978, 14 pp. Printed multi colour on white. Special pages on Ecart featuring Endre Tot, Dick Higgins, John Armleder, Patrick Lucchini. Ads for Vile International No.6 Fe-MAIL ART/Banana Productions, Cabaret Voltaire, Punk Magazine, Ben Vautier.
- No. 14 July 1978, 8 pp. Contains 3 loose inserts (ads for ‘Informazione/Arte’ and Soft Art Press). Printed blue on white. Cover by Klaus Groh. Contributions by Groh, Henri Niotou, Lomholt Formular Press. Includes Ulises Carrion's text 'EAMIS erratic art mail international system- an alternative to the official post offices' (in English), Paolo Brusky announcement for First International Visual Poems on Out-door Exhibition in Recife, Brasil. Announcement Free Clemente Padin and Jorge Caraballo in Uruquay. Ad for Artes Visuales magazine Mexico with the outcry ‘America Latina. “PARLA!!” (speak up)
- No.15 November 1978, 16 pp. Theme number dedicated to multi-media art archives. Editor Noémi Maidan sent a questionnaire to an interesting list of international art archives including Art Information Centre Peter van Beveren, Jean Brown, Lomholt, Franklin Furnace, Albrecht D,, Ulises Carrion, G.J. de Rook, Hans Sohm, Printed Matter, Vautier, Zona. Full page ad for Lundada Bank, Galerie St Petri archive of experimenta and marginal art, Lund Sweden. Includes the response to the questionnaire by Ulises Carrion explaining the transition from the Other Books and So bookstore to an archive and exhibition vehicle. He mentions the artists' book show he planned to curate in Alkmaar in which all issues of Soft Art Press would be shown.
- No 16 Feb 1979, 14 pp. 'European largest Art Magazine'. Cover by Maidan, printed front and back. Contributions by Scott Helmes, Vittore Baroni, Janos Urban, Marilyn Rosenberg. Ad by Tract Paris (invitation to participate in project 'The Breaking Way'), L'Atta Paris, Ekk de Loro Punkxerox productions Hannover, Other Books & So Amsterdam.
- No. 17 May 1979, 18 pp. Cover by Gabor Toth. Information on international mail art and rubber stamp shows. Printed rubber stamp contributions by Pawel Petasz, Image Bank, Peter Schuyff, Robert Saunders and others. Ads by Tract, Galerie Gaetan, New Agency London and an announcement for the Image Bank postcard show.
- No 18 Sept 1979, 16 pp. Special on Central and South America. Printed on pink paper. Cover features names of various Latin American mail-art figures. Contributions by Bruscky, Duch, G.E. Marx, Vigo, Magali Lara, Horacia Zabala, Juan Luis Diaz and others. Attention given to Clemente Padin and Jorge Caraballo's detention in Uruquay. Advertisements for Artes Visuales magazine Mexico with the outcry ‘America Latina. “PARLA!!” (speak up), Cres Amsterdam/ Ulises Carrion, Tra, Intermedia, Todorovic documentation centre Belgrade. + Added: Art Power
-No.19, November 1975. Lausanne, Impact Gallery, 1975. 29.5 x 21 cm, 14 pp. Featuring the Impact Group: Barbier, Echenard, Ballmoos, Schauenberg, Nussbaumer, Scheurer. Impact Gallery collaborated with the Soft Art Gallery Lausanne. In No.11(text in French) and No.14 Soft Art Press describes itself as follows: 'Soft art Press is a little magazine dealing with non-static art: video, mail-art, artists' public performances. It has 16 pages printed in offset. Original works may be added occasionally.' Distributed ‘in principal countries of the world’. Soft Art Press is mentioned in Gwen Allen p 298, and by Anna Banana in the introduction to Vile #6 Fe-Mail Art, 1978.

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