Linear Pictures and Large Pieces 1985. Cologne, Self published, 1985.
Stapled softcover, 30 x 42.5 cm, 22 pp. Handpainted covers with ‘Soft Geometry’ stamp on front. Contains 5 original handpainted sheets all signed and dated by the artist, plus 15 b/w stenciled sheets with images and text, some with additional Soft Geometry stamps and 2 pinks sheets in front and rear of the artists’ book. As stated on the first page: ‘This book has been made with attributed original paintings in the size of Din A3 (29.5 x 42 cm) in 200 copies.
This copy is number 153’. The book presents a text by Perneczky on ‘Soft Geometry’, a term he uses as a trademark for his work. The stenciled images depict Soft Geometry installations including ‘Cézanne plays a piano’, ‘Malevich plays a piano’ and ‘Secret Life of the Cologne cathedral’. Both covers show some aging, such as creasing and edge-wear, the pink pages are partly faded. The painted and stenciled pages are near mint. Very rare artists’ book by Perneczky, 2 copies are held at the Getty/Jean Brown archive.

EUR 2,500.00

Géza Perneczky (1936) is a Hungarian conceptual artist, painter, arthistorian, author of objects and artists’ books, mail art rubber art stamps. In 1970 he emigrated to Cologne and became an important mediator between the Eastern European and the international art scene. In the 1980s he became increasingly involved in painting, often produced with custom paint rollers used for wallpaper designs. This way the artist transformed the miniature scale of the rubber stamp art into a ‘monumental’ genre.

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