AU (ART UNIDENTIFIED) Tokyo, together with BRAINCELL, Osaka.

AU 46 Poster AU [Art Unidentified]. Edited by Shozo Shimamoto, 1-1-10 Koshienguchi, Nishinomiya. Japan. 1981.9.30]. One sheet [42 X 60 cm.] illustrated, printed in black and verso in red, folded 5 times.

EUR 300.00

Edited by Shozo Shimamoto. Important information poster announcing projects of periodicals and exhibitions, on verso entitled "AU Mail Art map" with the list of mail-art exhibitions world-wide and the list of participants, in Japanese. Shozo Shimamoto [1928 - 2013], was co-founder of Gutaï, and lateron became important for mailart witht his Art Unidentified association. Texts are in English and Japanese.

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