Nos. 1-3 (all published). NY: Jeff Goldberg, Summer 1977-Spring 1978. Formats vary. No. 1, quarto, stapled, 8pp.; no. 2 tabloid, folded, 20pp.; no. 3 tabloid, 20pp.
A complete run of this l travel-themed art magazine, edited by poet Jeff Goldberg and Victor Bockris, together with Bobbie Bristol, Seaver Leslie and Erica Lennard. Number 1: an edition of 1000 copies, front cover photograph of David Hockney by Christopher Makos, accompanying a spoof travelogue on Australia by Victor Bockris .Four photographs taken by William Burrough stopover in Madeira in 1964 en route from Tangiers to New York. Kathy Acker , "Haiti: A Trip to the Voodoo Doctor". Other contents include David Byrne, Christopher Knowles. Ted Berrigan ("America: Clear the Range"); "Tahiti" (a cartoon by John Holmstrom); and Miles's account of his trip on Concorde "courtesy of Virgin Records with owner Richard Branson." Number 2: (Winter 1977) a lengthy photo-illustrated cover story on Muhammad Ali's meeting with Andy Warhol (arranged by Victor Bockris); plus The cover features still images from the short film *Apple Knockers and Coke* starring Marilyn Monroe look-alike, Playboy playmate Arline Hunter. The contents of this photo-themed issue include pictures of celebrities, artists, writers, and musicians of the Punk and New Wave movements including Debbie Harry, Elvis Presley, John Waters, Andy Warhol, Mohammed Ali, Joey Ramone, Chris Burden, Tina Lhotsky, Legs McNeil, Steve Varble, Christopher Knowles, Cindy Lubar, Victor Bockris, Terry Sellers, Stiv Bators, Jane Fire, Susan Springfield, and Lesli Schiff, contributed by William Burroughs, Roberta Bayley, Jimmy de Sana, Anton Perich, Marcia Resnick, Bobby Grossman, Gerard Malanga, Don Snyder, Alan Lewis Kleinberg, Chris Stein, Christopher Markos, Richard Hell, Andreas Landers, and Bobby Miller. Also a two-page cartoon by John Holmstrom.

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