New York, Black and Raman, undated c. 1972. An artists' assembling magazine created by photographer Jeanie Black and Fluxus artist Ely Raman. Nine issues were made sporadically between 1970-1972 in an unknown edition. Green folder, 30 x 23 cm, with the title 'A+ Good' rubber stamped on the cover by Laughing Bear. The portfolio has two pockets holding a collection of 41 loose sheets containing works on various types and colours of paper, ranging from original pencil drawings, b/w pictures, collages to silkscreen prints. Some works are signed or stamped on recto or verso. Added is a small red reply coupon and an invitation to send material for the next issue before October 1 1972, which suggests 1972 as a probable publication date for this issue (no records were kept). The publication was distributed on request and had no fixed price. A rubber stamp on the pocket mentions that the 'price per copy is determined by each individual subscriber'.
The contents page lists the following 31contributing artists or artists groups: Laughing Bear, Fran Lacy (2 sheets), Monte Cazazza, Suzanne Szlemko, John Dowd (5 sheets), Mimi Smith, Schloss/Kelly/Hughes, Tom Ockerse (moderate crease, stamped verso), Vivian Browne, David Mayor, Davi Det Hompson (2 sheets), Jeanie Black (2 works), William Farley, Mary McCallion, Suzanne Stratton, Evangeline Tabasco, Richard Kostelanetz, The Poem Company, Domenick Capobianco, William Fares, Klaus Groh, Salvatore Bovoso, Pat Tavenner (2 rubbers stamped works), Lew Carson, Al Hansen (2 sheets, including one b/w print titled ‘Paper Snake’ and signed in pencil, with creasing on left top and bottom corner, not affecting the image), O.V. Lucky, Ken Friedman, Image Bank (stamped verso), E.Raman (2 sheets), Clemente Padin, 8 x 10 Art Portfolio. Green cover slightly soiled yet artworks mostly near mint. Beautiful item.

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