International Mail Art FestivaL (Guy Schraenen)

ICC Antwerp, Collection regarding the International Mail Art Festival, October 1981. Includes:
ICC bulletin 5/81, International Mail Artists Encounter October. Edited by Guy Schraenen. Antwerp, Ministerie Van Nationale Opvoeding en Cultuur, 1981. No Binding, 21 x 29 cm, 4 pp, b/w illustrations with various added stamps in red. Text in Dutch. Folded twice for mailing purposes.
+ The same ICC bulletin 5/81 with annotations in blue pen, housed in an envelope addressed to the Dutch Mail Art artist Willy Scholten. The envelope is heavily decorated with coloured rubber stamps, a regular Belgian postage stamp and a stamped address of Guy Schraenen, postmarked February 1982.
+ Aeropus 1, collective sound composition, 1981. Postcard 10.5 x 15 cm, printed black on white recto and verso. Aeropus took place during the International Mail Art Festival organized by Guy Schraenen at ICC Antwerp. The card was meant to be treated with a contribution and send to Schraenen, to be projected as slides as part of the sound project. Tiny stain on recto, else a good copy.
+ Aeropus 1 announcement flyer, 30 x 21 cm, printed on thick yellow paper. On verso a programme announcement of the general International Mail Art Festival, with ‘Non stop’ mail art workshops, lectures, video and performances by Groh, Lomholt, Carrion, Summers, Gajewski, Boumans, Goulart and others.
+ Two labels promoting the Antwerp International Mail Artists Encounter, ICC Antwerp, Oct 1981. Hand stamped cards, 12.5 x 6 cm, on thick green paper with a perforation hole, red sticker and red string.
+ Surprise envelope (free), Antwepp (sic) International Mail Artist Festival ICC. Glued white envelope, 25 x 18 cm, containing a blue printed text on recto and red and black stamps on verso (one by Bart Boumans). Housed inside is a blue card with a postal address to which it should be returned in order to get a gift. This is a signed copy numbered 41/150 in pencil on recto.
+ Pier van Dijk, two folded airplane flyers published on the occasion of the Mail Art-ists Encounter at the ICC Antwerp, October 1981. Folded A4 size paper printed blue and white print with various rubber stamps in purple and pink, stamped Oktober 4 1981. One airplane features the text ‘ especially folded for Bart’. Derived from the collection of Bart Boumans.
+ Two postcards with an image of the Royal Palace on recto and ICC information on verso, 10.5 x 15 cm. One card features a stamp in red by Anne & Guy Schraenen and a blue stamp of the International Mail Artist Festival, the other card has a blue stamp of The Museum of Museums (by Johan van Geluwe).
+ Two information sheets sent to Willy Scholte by Guy Schraenen, December 21 1981. One sheet announces the definite date for the Antwerp International Mail Art Festival, the other asks for participation in the exhibition Artists Postage Stamps at the Musée Postal in Brussels which is planned for January 1982. The latter features a hand added stamp saying ‘urgent’ and a handwritten note plus a postage stamp by Scholte. The envelope shows the logos of ICC/ Archive of Small Press & Communication and has rubber stamps by ICC, Anne and Guy Schraenen, and the text ‘best wishes for 1982’.
+ Additional ephemera regarding mail art projects by Guy Schraenen in 1982.
Includes: Eye-Land Museum, Guy Schraenen éditeur, Antwerp, 1982. Offwhite sheet, 29.7 x 21 cm, with text and a coloured stamp of an eye. Announcement for a project directed by Guy Schraenen in Antwerp. Contributors: Klaus Groh, Pawel Petasz, Edgardo Antonio Vigo, Robin Crozier, Paulo Bruscky. ‘Eye-Land Museum is a collection of several thousands of Art Works memorized via my EYE.’ Mint copy.
+ Press release sent February 1 1982 announcing the exhibition Mail (art) stamps at Postmuseum Brussels, curated by Guy Schraenen. Typed text on white A4 sheet. Folded twice for mailing purposes.
+ Announcement flyer for the exhibition Electro-Copy-Work at Guy Schraenen’s Archive for Small Press & Communication in Antwerp in May 1982. A4 sheet printedblack on white paper, with the word ‘invitation’ stamped in red. Folded twice for mailing purposes.
+ Black Book Slow Mail action versus Guy Schraenen, February 1982. Stenciled letter and memo on pink paper housed in an envelope sent by Jaques (Jaak) de Koninck from Slow-Mail. The letter was meant as a (chain)letter of complaint regarding Schraenen’s (alleged) unauthorized use of artists’ works.
+ Mail art contribution by Guy Schraenen, sent from Poland to the Art Academy in Enschede, The Netherlands, 1982. Bart Boumans send a postcard with the text If ART is the question then what is your answer. Schraenen added rubberstamps and a handwritten text ‘Homage to all those who are reduced to silence’.

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