Openings Press, Rooksmore House
-Various silkscreened concrete poem cards published by John Furnival's Openings Press in the late 1960s and early 1970 (total 14 items, see below)
Includes: 7 copies from the Card Series (Nos. 2 (reprint),4,5,6,9,10) by dsh, Furnival, Maurizio Nannucci, Kostalenetz, including Jiri Valochs Uncorrected poem for Henri Chopin 1969 (very lightly stained). 2 from the Plakat series (nos 9 and 10) -Valentine's and X-mas series (with glitter), -l'Amour-Nowel - the poem leaflet "After the Russian" by Ian Hamilton Finlay - Funival: Pisa 1965,the first leaning Manifesto(From collection hansforg mayer) - Furnival silkscreen from 1968 printed green and yellow on thick white sheet, 30x29 cm.

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