Cologne, Uwe Jeske, 1969. Two thick coloured plastic sheets, and 25 transparent plastic sheets, 20 x 20 cm. Bound together with two white plastic covered metal rips. All sheets are screenprinted with text, numbers and images in blue and pink. Text in German. Copyrighted by Gesellschaft fur Konsum & Kommunikation Köln. Cover photo by Gangolf Dörr, Dortmund.
Udo Pasterny (1947) is a German author known for his bibliography about underground literature. He was trained as a bookseller, worked at a printing house in the 1960’s and became a playwright, actor and rockstar. The book has some regular age wear and scratching on the plastic, some small tears in the top and bottom sheet along the binding holes. Overall a good copy, none of the sheets are stuck together as is usual with this material.

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