Rubber stamped cards by Stempelplaats:

- Willy Scholte. Five unique postcards. All cards, 10.5 x 15 cm, stamped on heavy white sheet, published by Stempelplaats, Amsterdam, 1979-1981. Includes 4 cards from the series 'Spinning fingers'. Title added in handwriting, signed with rubber stamp on verso. Recto features black fingerprints and drawings of a spider weaving a web connecting the fingerprints. Plus 1 card 'Fatalistic Filately', 10.5 x 15 cm, with perforation lines around the borders, a pasted on poststamp from Romania, various rubber stamps in red and black. Titled and signed in pencil on verso.

- Barton Lidice Benes, Fragment. Six rubber-stamped postcards, 10.5 x 15 cm, published by Stempelplaats, Amsterdam 1979-1981. White cards each containing a unique stamp in various colours on recto, with title, artist's name and publishers information on verso. Mostly very good, one card with small dent.

- Seven postcards published by Stempelplaats, Amsterdam 1978, each 10.5 x 15 cm. Unique stamp by a different artist on each card, verso features publishers information. Stamped works titled' I am not responsible for art', Egozone, Piece of art (Horst Hahn), Edible Art, 1964-1978 the post avant-garde/last fluxus (Ken Friedman), R.D. Schroeck, A piece of Art (Flavio Pons).
- Endre Tot, I Am Glad If I Can Stamp. White blank card containing a black rubber stamp, 10.5 x 15 cm. Published by Stempelplaats Amsterdam, undated c.1980

- Waclaw Ropiecki, To Life Through Art. Offwhite blank card containing a red and blue rubber stamp, 10.5 x 15 cm. Published by Stempelplaats Amsterdam, undated c.1978/1980

- GeORge Brett/ OR Post, commemorative stamps. Six rubber stamped cards in original envelope. The envelope is signed and stamped by the artists on verso, recto contains stamps of Stempelplaats and OR post 1979. Includes six white cards, 10.5 x 15 cm, featuring a stamp and address information of OR group members Ray Johnson, Impress/Steve Durland, Aart van Barneveld/Stempelplaats, Gerry Karlovec /der Baron, Joni K. Miller, Al Blaster/Dummyism, Linda McGreevy/Grand Zeppelin, Al Souza. The stamps were designed by George Brett as a visualization of the person's mail art alias. Stempelplaats hosted a show Amsterdam in June-July 1979 where these were shown. They were also reproduced in Rubber Vol.2 No .7 July 1979, published by Stempelplaats. All cards in mint condition. ORGROUP originated in Amherst Massachusetts, in the 70's, as a loose assembling of artists who make mail art. It's history is clouded but both George Brett and Al Souza are named as originators.

- Lucia Francesca del Sasso, Stone by Stone. Amsterdam, Stempelplaats, 1979-1981. Grey cardboard folded sleeve with rubber stamped title and publishers information on the cover. Holds six postcards stamped by the artist in various colours. Very good copy.

- Stempelakties. Amsterdam, Stempelplaats 1980. Collection of 7 b/w offset printed cards attached with a metal ring, featuring announcements for a series of stamp exhibitions taking place at Stempelplaats Amsterdam from October 18 to December 20 1980. Contributors were Ronald Wigman, Pier van Dijk/Robert Joseph, Hezy Leskly, Uwe Poth, Endre Tot. Mint copy. Various rubber-stamped cards:

- Guy Schraenen éditeur. Seven original stamped cards published by Guy Schraenen, éditeur in Antwerp, 1977. All 10.5 x 15 cm stamped on offwhite card. Contributions by Eduard Bal (3 cards with collage), Gerald Minkoff, Henryk Bzdok, Ben Vautier, Michael Gibbs (red stamp 'this is a limited edition of one million copies, of which this is no. 5777'). Very good copies.

- Ellen van Eldik. 9 stamped white cards, some with collages, 10.5 x 15 cm. Verso stamped in red ink ‘ellen van eldik 1979’.

- Cees de Rooij. 4 cards, 10.5 x 15 cm stamped in various colours. Stamped 1979.

- Ko de Jonge. 2 small white cards,10 x 7 cm, rubber stamped Mail Art and Open.

- Richard Olson. 2 offwhite cards, 10.5 x 15 cm, with blue stamp 'mirror' and collage and cut out element.

- Recycle Art Card, artist unknown. Cardboard rubber stamped card sewn into a transparent plastic envelope with partitions to add your own stamp, address and 'Art'.

- Artist unknown. 11 off-white cards with typed and stamped puns, including one collage containing a glued on match and the text 'Paris Match: post this card to a friend in Paris'. All cards are signed on the front.

EUR 1,200.00

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