Music of the Avant-Garde.

Nos. 1-11 (corresponding to Volumes 1-6, all published). Sacramento, Cal., 1967- January 1972/74. Oblong folio, spiral bindings. Illustrated covers and illustrated throughout. Very rare complete set.
A semi-annual anthology of scores, articles, illustrations and LP-recordings (in 4 issues). Editors include Larry Austin, Stanley Lunetta, John Cage, Alvin Lucier, Ken Friedman. Number 11 is the special Fluxus-number with Ken Friedman (Fluxus West) as invited editor, ' prepare an issue as viable in art as in music, and comprised of many as well known in visual arts as in aural arts...'; with contribs. by Christo (Valley Curtain), Tom Marioni, Dora Maurer, Tony Gnazzo, Fluxus, Olaf Hanel, Image Bank, Gyula Gulyas, Zd. Jurkiewicz, Eugen Brickius, Nam June Paik, Maria Michalowska, Janos Major, Victor Grauer, Jock Reynolds, Milan Knizak, Alan Kaprow, etc. No. 7/8 is a double issue including 2 LP recordings of works by Larry Austin, Alvin Lucier, Stanley Lunetta, Mark Riener, Arthur Woodbury. Throughout the issues we find (in addition to the editors) contributions, orchestrations, performance instructions and scores by (a.o.): John Cage, Ashley, Allan Bryant, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Ben Johnston, Dick Higgins, Anna Lockwood, Karlheinz Stcokhausen (Conversation), Harry Freund, Morton Feldman, ONCE Group, Sonic Arts Group, Musica Elettronica Viva.

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