Anna BANANA. . San Francisco, CA, Banana Productions VILE MAGAZINE Number 3 (aka Vol. 3 no1) .1965/80. Christmas Special: 28x21cm., stapled, 66pp. VILE MAGAZINE. Number 4 (aka Vol. I,no 2, Vol. II, no 1). 1975. International Double Issue: 28x21cm., softcovers, VI + 100pp. VILE MAGAZINE . Number 5 (aka Vol. III, no. 2): 27,5x2,5 mm., softcovers, 98pp Summer 1977. First edition of 1000 numbered copies, rubber stamped by Anna Banana.

EUR 1,000.00

"Vile": the shocking, pioneering, subversive mail-art magazine published by Anna Long and Bill Gaglione (Anna Banana and William Gaglione). It was published between 1974 and 1983 by the mail artists Anna Banana and Bill Gaglione. Visually, the periodical is a parody of General Idea's influential FILE megazine, which itself parodied the format of Life magazin. The contents are examples of international mail art, texts & manifestoes, letters, performance documentation, articles on individual artists & their projects, and faux-advertisements. Each issue featured an introduction by Banana. VILE continued for nine years, until 1983, producing seven issues

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