Collection of 31 numbers of COMMONPRESS, a Mail Art project initiated in 1977 by the Polish artist Pawel Petasz, based on the concept of an art magazine with a floating editorship. Each issue was compiled by a different editor who circulated a call in the Mail Art network naming a special theme for the coming issue. In turn each contributor was encouraged to edit, print, and distribute a future periodical on a specific theme. During the thirteen years of the magazine’s history 32 numbers were actually published between Nos.1 to 56. The numbering is very erratic, and not always in chronological order. Issue No.7 was never published, the concluding issue No. 100 was published in 1989. 27 numbers are offered in this collection. Most issues were collated and printed low budget, comprising of Xeroxed sheets with some original additions. The edition size of Commonpress varied and is largely unknown, only the cited (numbered) edition size is mentioned in the list of offered issues.
Pawel Petasz was the magazine’s coordinator until 1981. Martial law in Poland rendered this role impossible, hence his task was taken over by G. X. Jupitter-Larsen from Canada. The list of Commonpress editors feature a stunning 'who's who' from the international Mail Art community including Peter Below, Guy Bleus, Ulises Carrión, Adriano Spatola and Giulia Niccolai, Klaus Groh, Aart van Barneveld, Guy Schraenen, G. E. Marx Vigo, Vittore Baroni, Johan van Geluwe, György Galántai and Júlia Klaniczay et al.

EUR 28,000.00

- No.1, Dec. 1977. Pawel Petasz. Arrière-Garde, Elblag, Poland.
- No.2, March 1978, Open and Closed. Ko de Jonge. Key-Art editions, Middelburg, The Netherlands
- No.3, 1978, Eroticsm and Art. Peter Below. Kitzingen, Germany.
- No.5, 1978, Box, Boxing, Boxers. Ulises Carrion. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
- No.6, August 1978, Ideas on Wheels. Carioca. San Francisco, USA
- No.8, Nov 1978, Positive-Negative. Hans Brög, Thomas Grünfeld and Hermann Sturm. Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany.
- No.11, Dec 1978, Diary. Tommy Mew. Mt.Berry, Georgia, USA.
- No.12, January 1979, White Lies. Robin Crozier. Sunderland Polytechnic, Sunderland, England.
- No.15, 1979, Selfportraits. Aart van Barneveld. Stempelplaats, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
- No.16, 1979, Artists' Postage Stamps. Guy Schraenen. Antwerp, Belgium.
- No.18, August 1979, Nudes on Stamps. E.F.Higgins III. Doo-Da Post, New York, USA.
- No.19, 1979, Pigeons of Freedom. G.E. Marx Vigo. La Plata, Argentinia.
- No.22, Oct 1979, You Can Know More Than You Can Tell. Steven Durland. Amherst, Massachusetts, USA.
- No.23, 1979, Political Satire: Post Scriptum. Vittore Baroni. Forte dei Marmi, Italy.
- No.25, Jan 1980, Ruins. Jane Ellen Gilmor. Cedar Rapids, USA - No.26, Feb 1980, Zen and Art. Nicola Frangione. Monza, Italy.
- No.28, October 1981, Drawing Activity. Andrzej Wielgosz . Poznan, Poland.
- No.32, August 1980. Areas of Artists’ Activities/Künstlerische Arbeitsfelder. Gebhard Eirich. Wulle Konsumkunst, Cologne, Germany.
- No.33, July 1980, Meanwhile. Russell Butler. Gurdon, Arkansas USA.
- No.36, 1980, Idea & Communication. Günther Ruch. Geneva, Switzerland.
- No.39, 1981, Homosexuality. Christoph Machert. MachArt kunstproduktion, Witten, Germany
- No.41,1983, Mutual Illumination. Bernhard Suin de Boutemard, Lindenfels/Odenwald, Germany.
- No.46, 1982. Photoboothpicture/ Automatenfotos. Angelika Schmidt. Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany.
- Call sheet for No.47, 1981, Material Metamorphosis. Postcard mailed by Chuck Welch (editor No.47) from Omaha Nebraska USA to Peter Below in Kitzinger Germany.
- No.48, 1982, Selfexamination. Carsten Schmidt-Olsen. Djørring, Denmark.
- Call sheet for No.50, 1982, Synthesism. Postcard sent by R. Walsh (editor No.50) from Gulport, Florida to Klaus Groh in Germany.
- No. 51, 1984/1989, International Hungary. Gyorgy Galantai. Artpool, Budapest, Hungary.
- No.53, 1984, The Dictionary. Klaus Peter-Fürstenau. Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
- No.55, March 1984, Mail Art About Mail Art. John Held jr. Richland College, Dallas, Texas, USA.
- No.56, September 1984, C.P. 56/ Microfiche catalogue. Guy Bleus. Stedelijk Museum het Toreke, Tienen, Belgium.
- No.64, 1986. Ein Berliner im Pariser; wenn Mail-artisten kalauern. Peter Küstermann. Minden, Germany

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