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Nos. 1-7 (all published, complete). Koeln, Wolf Vostell, June 1962 - 1969. Full run in fine to very fine condition, edited, designed & published by Wolf Vostell. Complete with all inserts, paper wraparound bands (when issued) and Josef Beuys' first multiple "Zwei Fräulein mit leuchtendem Brot' in exceptionally good condition.
Dé-Coll/Age No.7, unique adorned copy of the last issue dated 1974. Composed of Dé-Coll/Age No.7, Elektronischer dé-coll/age, Happening Raum. Cologne, Typos Verlag 1969. The publication documents the creation of the ELEKTRONISCHER dé-coll/age HAPPENING RAUM (1959-1968), produced by Vostell at the invitation of the Institute of Modern Art in Nuremberg and exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 1968. The environment was made up of 6 TV sets equipped with auxiliary electro motors that move objects over a glass-strewn floor. Slides showing earlier happenings and works by Vostell were projected on the walls. Vostell made this copy of the book into a delightful artwork. The title page features a handwritten dedication to Inge (most probably Inge Baecker, Vostell's gallerist who initiated her gallery in 1970 with a show by Vostell), 'Für die bewundernswerte Inge mit guten Gerdanken', signed and dated 21.2.1974. Three black cord are taped to the title page by black electrical tape. Attached to the cords are a horn comb (in original plastic container), a BASF sound coil containing the sound of feet stepping on broken glass, and a roll of negatives with photos from Vostell. Added is a transparent plastic box, 19.5 x 19.5 cm, filled with fragmented glass. The plastic box has a crack on the lid, the book shows moderate rubbing on spine and small stains on second page, else in good condition.
The best possible set of this epoch-making publication, eminently suitable for exhibition purposes because of the unusually fine state of conservation of this fragile ensemble. Fully collated it can be detailed as follows:
- Number 1, June 1962: Incl. Arthur (Addi) Köpcke, George Maciunas, Benjamin Patterson, Nam June Paik, La Monte Young, Bostell & others. (28) pp. as 7 two-sided double-page foldouts.
- Number 2, (numbered as 1b). Nov. 1962: Dick Higgins issue. 21 stapled mimeographed sheets plus paper front cover (issued without back cover); incl. the scarce wraparound band.
- Number 3, Dec. 1962: Christo, Henry Flynt, Dick Higgins, György Ligeti, Nam June Paik, Jan Voss (the painter), Vestell & others, plus reviews & photos of the early European Fluxus concerts. (108) pp. as mostly-2-sided double-page foldouts + (12) pp. in a combination of offset, memeo, letterpress & screenprinting. Paper covers with screenprinted dust jacket.
- Number 4, Jan. 1964: Happenings issue with George Brecht, Stanley Brouwn (a tipped-in rubber-stamped paper-bag multiple), Allan Kaprow, Higgins, Paik, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Tomas Schmit, Claes Oldenburg, Al Hansen a.o. (132) pp. as 33 mostly-2-sided double-page foldouts + (23) pp. Paper covers with dust jacket (4-page ad brochure laid in).
- Number 5, Feb. 1966: "Happenings/Stücke/Partituren". Numbered edition of 500 copies. 22 printed works/multiples in a cardstock portfolio.
Includes Joseph Beuys's first multiple, "Zwei Fraeulein mit leuchtendem brot", a block of painted chocolate on a long, printed scroll. The original chocolate after small restauration in fine condition. Hansjoachim Dietrich's multiple signed, Eckart Rahn's piece numbered, the Gerhard Ruehm & Henning Christiansen works hand-stamped with their names. In addition to the artists listed above, other contributors include: René Block, Claus Bremer, Ludwig Gosewitz, Higgins, Kaprow, Patterson, Ben Vautier, & members of the Zaj group.
The Vostell multiple, powdered pigment & a printed sheet in a cellophane pouch is intact. The tip of the protruding plastic hook in Dietrich's "Aufhänger", which is frequently broken, is intact.
- Number 6, July 1967: Higgins, Maciunas, Vostell, Gustav Metzger, Milan Knízák, Vautier, Hansen, Kaprow, Paik, Franz Mon, Daniel Spoerri, Charlotte Moorman, Lebel, Alison Knwles a.o.; plus Diter Rot's original blue-marker drawing on photographic paper, "das Blaue Geheul" laid in, as issued (174) pp; cardstock covers.
- Number 7, 1969: Wolf Vostell "Elektronischer dé-coll/age Happening Raum 1959-1968", Einführung von F.W. Heubach,
Typos-Verlag Frankfurt a. M. 1969.
PLUS the adorned version as described above.

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