This collection consists of 186 mail art and related materials sent to and collected by Peter van Beveren, during the period 1973 to the mid 1980s, with some later additions. It includes printed, rubber-stamped, and handwritten mail art pieces, mail art documentation, correspondence, visual poetry, and other materials assembled in two ringbinders and a small file containing oversized items. Most examples have been mailed and therefore show usual wear but generally remain in very good condition. Included are contributions by Eleanor Antin (2), Anna Banana (8), Igor Bartolech /Neoist Blood Cell (1), Peter Below (1), Mireille Bentivoglio (1), Peter van Beveren (2), Guy Bleus with Johan Van Geluwe (1), Paulo Bruscky (1), Guglielmo Achille Cavellini (8), Monte Cazazza (5), David Chikhladze (1), Buster Cleveland (1), Ryosuke Cohen (6), David Cole, (2), Robin Crozier (2), Piet Dieleman (2), Pier van Dijk (2), Noël Donna (1), Leonhard Frank Duch (1) Ecart/ John Armleder (4), Ken Friedman (4), Bill Gaglione/Dadaland/ Bay Area Daddaists (6) G. Galantai (2), Johan van Geluwe (3), Krijn Giezen (1), Klaus Groh (9), Wim Gijzen (1), General Idea (1), Michael Gibbs (1), Richard Hambleton (2), E.F. Higgins III (4), Hans Hermann (1), Sheila Hicks (1), Dick Higgins (2), Diederick van Kleef (3), Richard Olson (4), Tod Jargensen (1), Ray Johnson (3), Doung Lindsay and Jill Nelson (1), Scott McCarney (1); Maurizio Nannucci (4), Géza Perneczky (3),Victor Philippe (2); Carlo Pittore (1) Reindeer Werk (2), Gerard Rinaldi (1), Takako Saito (1), Marja Samson (3), Richard Saunders (3), Guy Schraenen (1), Lon Spiegelman (1), Rolf Staeck (4), Chuck Stake (4), Shigeru Tamaru (1), Endre Tót (6), Timm Ulrichs (7), The West Bay Dadaists (1), Johan Van Geluwe (4) E.A. Vigo (2), G.E. Marx Vigo (1), Watson Press (1), Peter Whitson Warren (13), David Zack (4), Group Exhibitions (10) Anonymous and Misc. (6) A full list of contents is available upon request. Some highlights are Anna Banana's Banana Rags flyers, Ray Johnson's Buddha Shit xeroxes, beautiful Galantai prints with rubberstamps and collages, artists' booklets by Geza Perneczky, stamped postcards by Endre Tot, a profusely rubberstamped envelope and broadside by G.E. Marx Vigo and a striking publication for Ecart Geneva by David Zack. Peter van Beveren (The Netherlands, 1952) started in the early 1970s as conceptual artist, and participated in the Mail Art network both by sending and acquiring mail art. He set up an art documentation space in Middelburg, The Archives / Art Information Centre, in the 1970s and published several artists' assembling books. Some correspondence in the collection refers to contributions for these publications.

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